I wish we'd stop fighting down each other and bring each other up.
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4 Responses Jan 8, 2016

You do

Yo whats up

What about us men and boys? You should be a feminist :P

Well in your opionion, you are totally right missy! I think they should help one another and progress together asn leave no one behind instead of putting one another down and making eachother feel worthless. Thats why so many problems in this world, if only people treated one another better. What causes this is competition, and people being selfish to benefit themself and to get ahead as individuals instead as progressing as a group.

Right nice talking to young girl, who talks sense and like, well is a grownup for once :P Well I am off now to bed, am tired, maybe or hopefully we talk again. Good night! Sweet Dreamz to me/ or as beyonce say or beautiful nightmares ahahaha :)

I Agee