My girlfriend broke up with me because I complained I wasn't getting enough attention. I explain to her my unique situation that I am often surround by beautiful half naked women and if I am going to be ignored by her than I rather give my attention to one of the many available young women that are half my's going to be difficult trying to have sex with so many beautiful busty women and women that would make sir mix a lot proud but a man has got to do what a man has got to do. I have a reason to be sad but I can only do my best to make everyday count and enjoy as many women as possible. So if your a single attractive women do not hesitate to contact me. Also if you sympathize with my situation or have found yourself in a similar situation feel free to tell me how awesome it was.
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Do you think your position makes it difficult to have a meaningful relationship? Would you ever consider getting out of it if the right woman asked you to?

The situation is not related to my position. She just was not seeing me and not talking to me hardly at all and for no reason. My point to her was why should I be sitting home alone when I am surrounded by opportunity. I was just walking to the grocery store on my lunch break looking at the ground when an attractive blond woman looked over at me and I ignored her....then while I was facing the opposite direction she turned to me and said hello! I said hey there! Part of it just my personality but mainly my point is if I am in a relationship I should not be spending time alone. If I get tons of money I would quit my job without hesitation that's the only reason I work is to get paid so when I get a ton of money trust me this job thing is history

Women just LOVE to find reasons to leave a man. It happens millions of times a year and women wonder why men always have to have a backup or ten, because it's not a question of IF a woman breaks up with you, it's merely a question of when!

80% if all divorces and 90% of all relationship it's the woman doing the breaking up for one petty reason or another. Yet women constantly leave men for the same reason you're ex left you.. **** her and good riddance!

You got plenty of hot, willing young girls willing to step up to the plate and take care of your needs
You tried to tell her what you wanted and needed without cheating but she obviously didn't give a **** so it's her loss... Enjoy

Thanks brother

my man well put