on my experience of them, they have limited topics - such as

men are b**&*(

their time of the month

dieting and the effects of aging

perhaps one exception is Jo Brand

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1 Response Feb 12, 2009

Well, there are a lot of hack comics...but, yeah. female comics almost always tend to have very limited material and are often very predictable.<br />
<br />
Kind of like how Asian comics only seem to talk about their "wacky" Asian families and do so speaking in an accent that would be offensive if a white comedian did it. Very hack.<br />
<br />
Margaret Cho seems to embrace both hack stanards: Men are bastards, she has her time of the month and her "wacky" Asian family.<br />
<br />
Now Janeane Garofalo is funny (back in her early days anyway). And for some reason I think Kathy Griffin is funny. Not rolling on the floor funny, but she is pretty good.