As a child I was blinded by the other sex and I still am.  Women are so utterly different. 

Apart from the obvious physical difference, their brain works differently, their emotional life is a lot better developed and richer, more mysterious too, often they are wiser because emotion flavors their thought.  Definitely they have better taste.

I adore them unabated ever since I knew they existed, that wonderful, hope giving, sweet scenting, kind and beautiful creatures. 

I don't deny the existence of ******* and witches or other malevolent creatures on the female side but instinctively I always kept my distance from them.  I did the same with men.


The big distinction I finally make isn't one between men and women, nor between races and religions, but between kind and not so kind people.

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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

Kindness...a rarity nowadays...the world changes so fast and the people in it are rushed and end up forgetting the goodness in life. But if you find kindness, More...don't let them go...<br />
<br />
Good thing fairies are not malevolent...maybe some...but this one is definitely not! Or at least she tries... ;)