Cruel Error

There was a time the women most probably ruled the world.  They developed science and language and probably religion, the pre-historic one of the mother-goddess.


For reasons that are disputed, at the dawn of history, some 5.000 years ago, matriarchy fell in decline and was replaced with male dominance. Remnants of the pre-historic culture remained till this day among isolated populations such as the Inuit, the Tibetans or some African civilizations.


Male rule was established by force and by a campaign against women that lasted for centuries.  It's not more than 100 years that women enjoy equal rights in the Western World.  Today, as if this was an achievement that belongs to the very core of humanism, western man tries to impose on others what he rejected until recently.  By doing so he suggests to be morally and intellectually superior.  In reality his crusade serves down-to-earth political and economic interests.


Remains the hypocrisy of proclaiming equal rights, while sexism and discrimination against women in the house and on the floor continue. 

Time rules against men.  Apart from some rare individuals, they did deliver very mixed results during the millennia they were in charge.  The time has come for men to go and give the care of mother earth back to the ladies.

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56-60, M
Feb 11, 2010