More Men Please!

I love working with little children in nurseries, but unfortunately it is a very female dominated job. I wish I could find a nursery run by a man and employing more male staff (or at least one). Women bosses never treat the staff equally, and it's got nothing to do with who works well and who doesn't - it's all down to personal preference with them. An extremely lazy member of staff is often thought of very highly while a hard-working one can be unpopular with the boss, just because of the boss's personal taste. I have found that however hard I work I wll never be popular with the boss, but it is not my nature to be lazy. Women bosses are on you for the tiniest little thing if you are unfortunate enough to be the one she has taken a personal dislike to, yet others can get away with murder (almost!). They can sit around all day doing nothing and never get told off!
Tibicina Tibicina
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4 Responses Aug 14, 2010

Thanks for your comments 4vrUnique and mistygrey. Something else I've noticed is that those who are popular with the boss are those who sneak back criticizing the real workers without looking at their own behaviour which is far worse. However, the boss seems totally oblivious to the fact that these critics are the laziest people on earth!

No, all I was saying was what I've noticed going on in the places that I've worked at over the years. I wasn't advising people on what to if they want to get away with slacking off at work. Believe me, I find this kind of behaviour just as annoying as you do.

You hit the nail on the head exactly. Female bosses its all about preference. You can work hard beyond the call of duty and she'll never notice because she just doesn't like you. Whereas someone she likes can come in 2 hours late, goof off while there, take a 2 hour lunch, leave early all in the same day and that's just fine and dandy. I'd rather work for a man any day. I'm into fair. If you work hard your the one that deserves the praise and appreciation. <br />
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I know one thing, if I ever hit the lottery so I can begin my own company I'd never do that. I'd treat my employees fairly, I'd be the exception to the female rule.<br />
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Mistygrey, are you saying if you're a woman and you work for a woman or a man and work for a man, you should be lazy and the boss will like you because then they won't be threatened by you? Man there's so many rules of the workplace. The games that really ruin productivity.

Yes, I've noticed this before, Tib...I think it all boils down to insecurity on the part of the boss. The women bosses who are like that seem to fear that another female who is hard working will eventually want their post, while to their minds, the lazier workers wouldn't be ambitious enough to have any ideas about going after their job and so don't feel threatened by them...To be fair though, I've noticed that quite a lot male bosses have the same attitude towards their more conscientious male employees.