Both In the Workplace and Socially

First off, the women I work with. There are two that I cannot stand. Merissa and Aaryn. They, among others, are the most asinine people when it involves work ethic. Ough, it drives me crazy! They have no regards for how extremely deafening they are, boasting about their issues and life life it was a ******* talk show. Merissa, especially, is loud and irritating, doesn't work (I pick up slack for about 50% of the people I work with), and lastly, is vulgar and yells profanities off the roof. I think it's really odd how none of them have gotten fired yet. Honestly. Eh, but that's life, right? I just need to rant.

Onto another topic: Woman socially. I don't even know what to do with these women anymore. Jesus. The women I'm talking about are the women who play mind games. What is that? I've never understood that. Why can't they all just stop with their manipulative bullshit mind games and tell us all how they really feel? Is that so hard? What really bothered me when I was dating was the women who made themselves look available, but weren't. And you know the worst for a lesbian such as myself? The women who made themselves available and weren't; who had a boyfriend. God, that always got me into so much trouble.

The world would be better if women at work (like the ones I explained) were more mature.

And the world would be better (socially) if women acted more like men (emotionally) and men acted more like women (mindset wise).  

This is just what I think. Oh, and this wasn't meant to offend, just meant to relate.


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3 Responses Jan 22, 2009

I agree. Women are impossible. Hence why most of my friends are men.

"if women acted more like men (emotionally) and men acted more like women (mindset wise)"<br />
I like this, but I will have to ponder it further.

Can't live with them. Can't live without them. Hope you enjoyed your rant. :)