Only In My Experiences

 From my experiences, I find that Males are so much more flexible and easy going.  Females on the other hand are either, more demanding, picky, feel they need to compete with each other, or gossip too much. But keep in mind not all are represented in these generalized groups.

I also have better chances of getting males to laugh at my dumb jokes and actions while females call me "weird" or "crazy." But that's only my experiences. 

Either way regardless of gender, I'll still hang out with them out of work!

Azoru Azoru
3 Responses Mar 25, 2009

yes, yes, yes!!!! Controlling, manipulative, in a way that is mean and dirty, like when we were in school. Men at least are usually upfront (not always) and just rude, whereas women tend to go for your emotions and use your weaknesses against you.<br />
I am in the army and I would much rather be with a bunch of grubby guys than in an office with a bunch of female vipers!!! There is an organization across the hall from me that is made up mostly of women and you always see them in little groups, whispering and scheming. Hate it.<br />
That being said, I am a female and I refuse to be like that, I refuse to gossip or engage in office games. That's why they don't hang out with me and that's fine!<br /> is rare, but once in a while, with the right leadership, you will get a bunch of women who are very professional and dynamic. There is one group like that next to me. I envy them :-)

I am a woman and I hate working with too many other women. 1 time I was going for a job that I would've liked, but I turned it down becaus ethe store manager was a woman. It's proably my own competitive nature that does this. I sooooooo much more like working with men, and they like my jokes. I make them shake their heads. Lol. I have a great working relationship with the men I work with.

I have always disliked working in offices full of women... it was always so tumultuous and I got so sick of dealing with it all... I prefer working with men too! LOL