We Can't Help It, We've Been Raised (Excuse Me, Warped) To Think This Way...

I'm a feminist, so of course I had to join this group. I found it interesting because it's very true. It's how this world has always been. Women think that they aren't any good unless they are pretty, they feel as though they have to wear make-up, they feel as though they have to wear gorgeous clothes, and they feel like they have to fit in. Maybe not all women are like this, or maybe they are and just don't want to admit it. I would consider myself a woman who could care less, but at the same time, I care alot about how I look...secretly though shhh!
Anyway, why is it that we feel this way? It all boils down to the fact it's how they were raised, or the only thing we've ever really known. Ads, TV, movies, books, magazines...everything. There is always a new product that is supposed to make you gorgeous, always some new weight-loss program that's "guaranteed" to make you lose alot of weight in a month, always a new celebrity that's stunning in every way and we feel as though if we don't look like that, no one will like us. We've been warped all throughout our lives and all throughout history; there's no denying it. Another thing, we're willing to spend loads of cash on beauty products that we feel will make us more beautiful, more acceptable, more sexy...and even more confident. Amidst the vanity and warped minds these days, the bottom line is that we're insecure, and we have low-self esteem. Is it really our fault though? No, I don't believe it is. There may be a few little insecurity issues that we naturally have, being human and all, but where do those insecurities come from? Media is a big culprit there. We see airbrushed models with perfect bodies and think, "Is that how I should look? If I don't look like that will boys like me? Will other women like me? Will women judge me based upon some unrealistic modelesque woman? Will me judge me based upon some unrealistic modelesque woman?" These are a few of the many thoughts we think upon seeing a model in a magazine or on TV or whatever.
I'm speaking from a *real* woman's point of view. I feel as though I'm speaking for many women in this world when I write this. It is true, as women we are judged more harshly than anything. People seem to believe we should all look perfect. You know what I say to that? Screw those who judge us on looks, screw em' all, because they have no right judging because they are human as well and they aren't any more perfect then we are.
Ladies, none of us are perfect, we need to learn to accept that. If we move past that, and learn to see people for who they are and not what they are, we could possibly eliminate this harsh judging upon looks. It's a battle, and it's a battle that is easily won.
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I've never thought any of those things when I look at models. I'm always thinking about the clothes. I don't care how fat, ugly, and pimply a woman is. If she can put together a rockin' outfit, she has my respect and admiration. A sense of style and fashion is what makes one a superior being, as far as looks go. <br />
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Certainly many women seen to be concerned with what people think of their looks, but in what way is this unique? They are equally concerned that a guy they like doesn't think they're too smart, or too dumb, equally insecure that they're best friend or that other girl is more charming and funny than them. <br />
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I would agree that women seem to have serious problems wit self-esteem, insecurity, and confidence; I just don't think that it a product of solely the media or that it is limited to the physical realm. It's a cultural disease, destroying magazines, tv, movies, ads, will do nothing. <br />
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For thousands of years women's marrigeability, worth, influence and power, was reliant on competing with other women and being more [insert quality that sways men here]. That can't be shaken off entirely in a century or two, and it is not restricted to just the physical.

Its a problem not only because of what women now think, it is a problem because men are brought up for girls being elegant and sexy too. i saw a programme where some kids put together their ideal woman by cutting body pics out of magazines. the result was horrendous. i dont think there is anything wrong with looking good, but when it is obsessive it can cause harm. and yes i agree, media is the main culprit. if they didnt airbrush all their pics then that at least would be a start. i have great respect for the adverts (was it boots?) where they have women of all sizes and shapes on the advert. good on them -and good for us :)

I can't tell you how annoyed it makes me that women are obliged to make a decent effort with make-up, beauty etc. Its not just other women that judge but men can be just as bitchy about a womens appearance. My femininity comes from inside not just what people see on the outside.

great insight...n i am 100% in agreeance....esp as im middle aged :-) but as corny as it sounds....beauty is truely from within...are people too dam lazy to take the time to peep inside...thats where i look....outside always fades in time...stay who you are xbn xxxx