Snap Judgment

Every six weeks I have to go to the hospital for a routine procedure nothing major but very necessary, and recently my visits have been followed up by "routine questions". They ask how I'm feeling how the procedure affected me, feeling any dizziness etc. Last time I was there my doctor asked me if I was "sexually active" It was not a difficult question and the answer was even easier but for some reason i hesitated and laughed. I gave the doctor my answer, a simple no and what happened after surprised me. My doctor and the nurse in the room gave me an up and down look, one of those looks that scream I am about to judge you and then another question followed. Once again my doctor asked if i was sexually active when I said no the second time the question turned into "are you sure?". I'm not sure about anybody else, but having sex, of any kind I am pretty sure I know the answer to.  I had no reason to lie because she was my doctor not my dad. When I answered no the third time a little bit annoyed by then she followed it with do you need birth control. If I am not having sex and not planning to why would I need birth control i asked her. She simply said "well usually, and I have a daughter as well so I would know, a way a person looks can send out a certain message" So once again this time probably out of immaturity i giggled because she asked me three times if I had sex and suggested based on my appearance  that I was lying to her. I don't know why it is so easy to judge a women/girl and why some people can do it and think they are not making ridiculous assumptions about the person they are judging, but I do now know I should no longer wear a button down shirt and a knee length skirt to the doctors anymore.

rainbowdoor rainbowdoor
18-21, F
Aug 11, 2010