#1, What Do You Look Like?

Is always the first question when meeting someone online or on the phone.. A date! "Is she cute? Is she hot?" Never does anyone ask..
Is she smart? Is she articulate? What does she like? Media does play a big part in it, You are only a comedian if you are bigger than average.. And What is average? A real woman has curves! A real woman has saggy boobs (if they are big enough). A real woman has wrinkles. We are NOT Cindy Crawford or who ever, We are not fake touched up girls, photos airbrushed.

I am woman, I am short, I am bigger (curves).. and You know what.. I do get second looks because I am confident in who i am and what i am... i am a REAL WOMAN...
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7 Responses Mar 5, 2011

True women are judged way too much by looks. i have said the same thing many times. In this society, a woman is all about looks. Of course not 100 percent, but it's way up there. A man can have a scar on his face and called ruggedly handsome. A woman it's not accepted if she has a few imperfections. Just the way it is, youth oriented too. When a woman becomes older, I have heard many say too bad she never found the right one. Even shaking their heads. A man, he's got it made, bachelor, easy life with no problems, when they are older. Some things don't change much. This one certainly is getting worse in society, about women looking good at all time. Notice it almost daily.

The media's idea of beauty is boring...skinny and blonde with huge boobs, EVERY TIME!. I am a auburn haired, slim but curvy girl with freckles and average boobs. I used to hate the way I look and still do, sometimes as the media keeps pushing blondes as the standard for beauty. I dyed my hair blonde last year to conform, but it got so ragged with the bleach and my hair broke off in several places my hair actually looked ugly. I recently went back to my natural brown red. my hair is soft and lovely again. I will never conform again.

Its all bcoz of media.... congratulations for being confident. I read this somewhere-
It takes courage to accept a culture, it takes even more courage to deny it.

It is not about how much i love myself. It's about the truth and how I have come to realize that... Hey, i'm pretty awesome!

Wow, I wish I could love myself as much as you love yourself.

So true INDEED!! WE ARE WOMEN... REAL WOMEN.. no matter what color or creed, religion or beliefs.. our sizes vary and we are all gifts... Cherish us all Big and small..

That is so very true! That is the true difinition of a real woman, Someone who knows where she has come from and where she is going, and even if she is'nt "always sure of were she is going" she is confident she will find a way to get there.