Why are we judged? Why do peopl ethink being anerexic is sexy. I have a lil bit of a belly. I think guys now I mean the good guys LOL want a lil girl with a lil meat on her bones. We dont break as easy. I truly think guys have it easy. Ok Remeber in school...if a guy had sex he was the man.....now if a girl had sex with a few people just like the guy she would be a ****. WTF? I never understood that.

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2008

it is just the way it is

Its a sad double-standard :(..Sometimes I get sad because I've had friends that were girls and they would always try to fit the mold of what a man wanted physically, and would hide what made them truly beautiful..but yeah, it sometimes dissapoints me to see guy friends act like manwhores and not get scorned for it..they get praised instead, and I think its sick..but if they are into the outside of a woman so much, and act so shallow, then they are prolly not worth having to begin with.. :)