I Am Confortable With Me The Way I Am

I have never appeared as the thin sleek type.  My body would have been appreciated in the early 40s.  I had that hour glass figure big on the top, small in the waist and rounded hips.  I chose not to stay that way I had a breast reduction to help my back.  I'm glad I did I'm so much more comfortable.  I have gained weight over the decades.  It bothers me but I work hard at righting myself when something happens and I feel I'm not on the road to good health.  I feel competent and successful in my life.  To me taking care of my health and being who I am is all.  Take me as I am or not at all.
rubyetuesday rubyetuesday 56-60, F 4 Responses Feb 29, 2012

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Adore you kind heart Leena.


That is too bad that you judge other people. Only God can judge. From what you have written in your comment, I would imagine that you expect to be judged by women. As we all age, will you still expect perfection?

You seem to be a very shallow person and that is sad...


Very wise my girl. As long as we are on a path of health in our journey of life I feel we are as we should be. God didn't say go forth and change your body and behaviors to please others.

A very powerful story. So many people try to be perfect and nobody is or will be - the one perfect person to walk the face of the earth is gone and He will come again.

I was just reading an article online about how so many celebrities have gone under the knife and regretted it. There is so much pressure on people to look and behave a certain way and so many people are judgemental. The younger gereration is even worse with their cyber-bullying - so many more girls now than ever are starving themselves to death.

Why can't people just accept themselves the way they are? In God's eyes we are perfect and that is all that we should care about...