Mini Rant.

I was a size 2 before I got pregnant. I had my son 11 months ago and am now a size 10. I can't help but to feel big, even though I know I'm not. I carry my weight very well, and my body is firm. But you only see thin women in magazines and on billboards and on t.v. Even when I was a size 2 at 110 lbs. I thought I was fat. I thought my hips were too curvy and my abs did not look like a washboard and if my arms jiggled as I waved it was the end of the world. But looking back now, I was tiny. I looked like a little girl. I am still in shape, I am still beautiful, even if pregnancy added a couple inches to my waist line. I still have my hourglass figure. Defined waist, busty with a butt to match. I have even been told that I look better now. Media has teenage girls vomiting in the bathrooms at school after lunch, or not eating at all. They cake on make up to change their face, wear padded bras to create the illusion of bigger breasts, waste money to tan in a bed made of light bulbs when the sun is free, all to fit in with what society says is beautiful. It's all an illusion. My neighbor won't come out of her BEDROOM until her hair is done. I mean, I don't get it. Why is it ok for men to roll out of bed unshowered and unshaven, without a care in the world, but we are expected to be put together, well dressed and made up? Why does it really matter what someone LOOKS like?
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Personally I don't think magazine models are all that attractive. Too skinny, too much make up, too shaved.<br />
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I think it comes down to how you want people to think of you. But if you knew how seldom people think of of you you'd not worry so much.<br />
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Screw what society thinks! Be yourself. If that self doesn't like to wear make-up then don't do it. If that self has a bit of extra weight, don't worry about it. You are beautiful just the way you are.