About The Looks

its true in this day and age women (and men) ar judged solely on looks and looks alone. I beleive that looks are nice of course but they do not tell you anything about the person inside. i have met quite a few absoutly beautiful women in my time who are nothing more than empty headed, Just shells of people.
I have also met women who are quite atractive in thier own right who have wonderful personalitys and are a joy to be around. they are fun to chat with and can carry on a conversation and are warm and caring. thier height,weight,skin color does not matter these are the "Real women" these are the real "Hotties"

Remember with Age Looks Fade. if thats all you are interested in then you will eventually be very unhappy and alone, But if you find a woman who is you friend first and is interesting,exciting and fun to be around. who understands you and is with you for you. You will have the Most beautiful woman in the world forever.
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7 Responses May 25, 2012

i agree with u. most people are stuck up. if they don't like the way u dress or act u are ulgy and people don't look or want to see inside u

That is such a true, and very mature view. I have often wondered why men (or women) would treat their partners who love them and are so good to them in such a harsh manner but they turn around and treat someone else ( usually someone way prettier or hotter ) so well when the pretty one is so mean and demanding. Do women have to be demanding to get attention? What about the women who love to be nurturing, kind and loving? Are they doomed to be unappreciated? Wish more people took your view. kudos to you.

I love this! What a beautiful sentiment.

I love this story.

You are so right, it is true the real beauty of women is her inner beauty and if she has same mental level it is joy of life to be with her.

You are right: its a bad mentality.

Very nicely written. ***applause***