Not just us girls are judged too much by looks. I think we're judged by looks MORE than guys, but they're judged by looks just as well. An unclassy girl is the same as a douchebag guy. They both think looks are more important than anything. Now, EVERYBODY cares what they look like, how their appearance is, etc. I think the secret is to not care TOO much. We don't need to please anybody but ourselves. Unfortunately, some people like to make remarks based on other peoples' looks. You just have to figure out a way to let it not get to you, brush it off, and go on with your day. Girls are all beautiful and guys are all handsome.
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Yep. Guys are also judged more severely by their salary, the kind of friends they have, house, car and generally everything pertaining to social status; whereas us guys would judge women primarily on looks when it comes to first impressions. Either way, you're going to get judged.

Too true