BE Fair!

What woman does'nt want to be thought of as pretty unfortunately the ideal of pretty is not what most women are. Only lately in the past couple of years has a full figured woman been accepyable how crazy is that? You get certain service when you are pretty a man is more willing to help you than say a woman who is not as attractive. True enough there are women who are not pretty for whatever the reason genes, lifestyle ect. but let's be fair to all women atleast the ones who have respect for themselves

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6 Responses Jul 11, 2008

no i did'nt think you were i just thought you should start a topic for the men nothing like being the first ya know?!

I wasnt trying to horn in on the womens group....I think you made a very good point. I was actually agreeing with you that people are often too judgemental and its a real shame. I was adding to what you said, not taking from it. Sorry if it came across that way.

good point indyjoe and i am happy for you, but we are being fair and the discussion is about women why don't you do a group for the men.

Lets be a little more fair here.....its not just women who are judged on get judged just as often on how they look too. I know this for a fact from experience. Thank the heavens that there was one woman ( who happens to be attractive by the way) who looked past my outward appearance and loves me for the person I am. Before that, I was turned down and rejected by females both attractive and unattractive. Those who did give me a chance only did so to take advantage of my good nature and my loneliness.

no it's true not completely but coming around you see them in ads more and in daily life i see full figured women with a lot of confidence

i totally agree with you guys and even though i am fairly pretty i am so down to earth that looks don't tickle my fancy like that i don't goo gaa over cute babies b/c theres always a baby that needs some attention to i help total strangers that may feel like they are ugly and do something nice.