They Aren't Everything...

Beauty is more than a pretty face or clear skin. It's whats inside that makes a person beautiful. But that's often overlooked.

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4 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Yes I take what you are saying.I personaly do not like people that think they are better than other people and that is worse when they are pretty people and stuck up with it.At the end of the day its all about choice and what ever floats your boat,pretty or plain ,as long as you like/love them thats is all that matters

dingus48 - The way a person looks never really attracts me to them. I stay away from pretty people often because they're not very kind. When pretty people are nice to me I am completely blown away. I am more attracted to the mind. If a pretty person has a mind thats great, but everyone is welcome to join the party if they're interested.<br />
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freespirit004 - Both men and women are hard on women and men. Men don't judge each other but they judge women, and women judge both me and women. I'm talking in general. Of course not everyone judges, just a good majority. Also I never asked which sex was more judgemental. I'm saying people in general are too hard on each other when it comes to looks.

To be fair it works both ways.The way a person looks is generaly what attracts you to them.Men are judged in the same way.One of the things that can beat good looks is a winning personality

Women stand together!....Beauty isn't everything!<br />
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Women Have Brains too!...Do Not Let Men Tell you any<br />
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