Dangerous Beauty

This experience makes me think of the supermodels who rather to look skinny and unhealthy, and all the sudden they are dead like the case of britnay murphy something unexpected, or the ladies on a hip hop video, all curves but most of them are surgey, and the magazine rather to modify an artist picture instead of showing it the way is supposed to be, of course teenagers and young kids are looking at this like the new thing, everything is superficial

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Yes Chiquita, to scare the kids away, we have to show them the ugly truth, in a very raw way, the way it is supposed to be, mine is about to be 10 and I watch movies based on real life, about kidnaped girls, and I've seen also documentaries of how plastic surgery is done, like that video from Pink - Stupid Girls lol

I have two young daughters (7 and 11) and I find myself constantly reminding them that photos in magazines are not real, they are air brushed and altered by computers, etc....we watched a documentary on that very subject awhile ago.

Yeah its kind of a relieve reading your comment nitehowl, very good point, I guess we are trying to prevent things for them but they gotta learn their own way, thank you so much for that, hopefully is not too late when they finally learned their lesson

Ahhh, the things we don't know when we are young. The values placed on the view kids see today is amazing to say the least. In our view they have misunderstood what is portrayed. As per normal, all things aren't as they may appear. There is a learning curve and they most likely won't listen to us any more than we listened as kids ourselves and if I remember it right, we made some mistakes all along the way as well.<br />
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There would be nothing better than to be able to unscrew our heads and pour into theirs what we have already learned, what a short cut to less of a learning curve. There is even more crap around for them to sift through as when we were kids.<br />
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However, in spite of these obvious facts, kids today are cable ready and can plug into things much quicker than we did at this age. Because of their wiring, they will be just fine when it comes right down to it. We survived and they will too. Watch and be amazed.

Yes sharossody and that is my point, today the kids are the one doing what they see on the media, and want to look like the celebrities, but they don't know what they go through and they things that are done in order to look so perfect, and sometimes things can end up really wrong =/

Oh, I look at these young women and they never look happy, these people who tell them they have to loose weight, have a lot to answer for, and the frightening thing is their getting younger and younger. I seen a report once, not so long ago, children as young as 5 are showing signs of eating dis-orders.

True that

Yes I understand that but the children are growing up with a different concept this days and we are loosing a lot of values here

Everyone is a work of art. To change this to be something different is to change what is was in the first place. No one can be a better you than you.