The way they do not want you to know what they are thinking.  Their eyes can tell a story.  The most intricate details tell me something about them.  I don't know why.  Maybe I have a power.  You can tell what they are thinking through their eyes.  It is something special about women.  Their eyes give away their mood.  But, if she is wise enough, she knows how to change her expression and portray a different mood.  Men are not always like that.  They can hide behind a wall and it is harder to read most men over women.  Some are high-maintenance, others not so much.  And you can usually tell the high-maintenance apart from the low-maintenance right away from one glance.  All women carry them self differently.  I can tell their confidence level by looking closely at their overall appearance.  It is interesting to watch how they interact with one another.  I can tell what kind of person they are attracted to.  I can sit and watch women for hours just to absorb what they do, and try to make it into something that makes sense.  I like to figure them out and understand them, even though I am a woman myself.  I can tell by their voice and eyes if they are lying or telling the truth.  I can tell some of these things about men if I try harder.  I find it easier to read men than women.  Therefore, I find women more interesting than men.

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I understand now, sorry.

Last I checked my comments are based on personal experience, opinion, and observation. When I see passages like "Stereotypically, men are satisfied if they have somewhere comfortable to sit, and something to eat." I see an observation made through partially closed eyes at best. There just isn't anything profound about repetition of silly gender based stereotypes.

Last time I checked, this story was based on opinion and my experiences and observations, thisspaceletftblank. Geez!

Huh, I read this then immediately thought "here is someone with a huge blind spot, and a lot to learn."