we are too bad most dont see it
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Every day this becomes clearer and clearer to me. Keep telling the world and more will come to realize this as well!

ty for your coment

iv e unleashed my power writting my book. thank you all for your coments

When the "Being" of a woman can unleash the full potential within the power of the mind she holds inside of her, and eliminates worried thoughts. WOW! What a world it would be!<br />
<br />
To the power of a women, no matter she will always be loved into Eternity.

your right on that one . sorry for the confusion<br />
thanks for your wisdom .

LOL... your sentence had me confused for a moment! I wondered if you were saying, " We are(.) Too bad most don't see it." Or if you were saying: " We are too bad. Most don't see it." I can see people arguing that BOTH ways! *snickers*

Thanks! ;p