Love Women In Pantyhose!

I have long been a huge fan of women in pantyhose. I work with mostly women at my job and of course a fair number of them treat me now and then by wearing pantyhose. Years ago I had a co-worker who turned me on endlessly with her sexy legs and pretty feet in sheer, dark hose. The hottest time was one day she was talking to me and noticed a run in her hose. She told me she had to go out to a fancy dinner with her husband that night so at the end of the day had me watch her phone for a bit when she went off to change the torn hose. When she came back, she tossed the used ones in her trash can and after visiting with me for a bit, left for the day. I hung around the office and when everybody was gone, I went and picked up the wonderful pair of hose from her wastebasket. I then "worked late" for about 2 hours, enjoying those hose thorougly. I kissed, licked and sniffed them all over, lingering at the scent of her lovely perfume that remained on them and getting super turned on when I pressed the crotch area to my face and could detect the scent of her woomanhood. Needless to say I had a wonderful time, climaxed twice with those lovely pantyhose - the second time I was sniffing the crotch and had one of the foot areas wrapped around myself (yes I have a foot fetish too!) Darn near passed out when I came.

Since then I have found ways to aquire other pairs of worn hose but none have ever lived up to that first time. However I still get hard when I think of the posibility of enjoying the recently worn hose of a sexy co-worker.

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1 Response Oct 6, 2009

We have some very similar taste or kinks. I love pantyhose and stockings... really love seeing runs in a woman's hose too. I love any chance to explore a woman's private drawers, going through her panties and hose, both clean and worn is a large fetish of mine.