Sex Over 60

Yes women over 60 are extreemly sexy -But not usally in looks--It's all about maturity&openness!
They have far fewer hangups with anything sexual!
They state thier (Basic) limits & just want to have fun!
They "usally" don't like swearing or to be called a **** but if you please them they give double back!
They(often) don't want to worry about descretion & have come to realize that sex is better with friends that can/will socialize with them some--So it becomes an ongoing thing!
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This is very true. I have always thought that sex with friends and people in general should be like playing a sport like tennis. Singles or doubles - just have fun. Older women often have this attitude.

At 62yrs, I have a strong sex drive and probably a younger guy would be better for me now in life.

My wife is older than you--She agrees--Younger is better when it comes to men-She likes guys Usally under 60 with a few exceptons!

I don't thing you can beat an older lady they are fabulous.

I love older woman because they know. What young want sexual from them and willing to try new thing.

God Bless everyone of them!

I need to find a 60 year old lady and quick!

I can't wait till my wife turns 60, three years hence.

Thanks for the info. My wife is 56 and see her turning sexier and more open as days go by.

As well as others.

Read my stories about our fun with others

I must agree... I spent this afternoon with a very hot 61 year old who ****** me silly and sucked me dry while her husband watched.... awesome... I will write my first experience story about it soon. Please add me

I would love to watch my "ole' " lady **** a young guy

Is 32, young enough? :)

perfect, now do you have a large ****?

Nope.. haha, I guess I'm out then.. lol

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My GF is a married woman and 72, my M in Law was fantastic in, or should that be 'on' the bed, she aimed to please and our affair lasted over 2 yrs, sadly she fell ill bit I'll never forget her.........Mike

Women over 60 will do any sexual whatsoever and can be very demanding.

I agree over 60's are a lot more relaxed within themselves, I had an affaIr with a married lady who was in her mid 60's for about 9 years when she retired and moved away. her experience was unbeleivable and she was prepared to do anything to please I would love to get together with other ladies in the 60+ age range

Another good thing about"older" ladys is that they tend to have more freedom to play-Hubbys are working-no kids around-& even have the time& freedom to get away for a few days(with new "friends"--They do however,expect the man to cover costs!

As a nearly 48 year old man I once had, a few years ago, a girlfriend some 22 years older than myself, and she wasn't just great company, she was great sexing too. I still think of her sometimes, especially when I **********, we had great chemistry and I could hardly keep my hands off of her. And she loved it