Some Are Very Sexy Indeed, But How Do You Tell?

But some are some are not, and the difference is not often not immediately apparant. In fact it is generally downright impossible to tell.
I meet a number of ladies of a certain age, Dancing, at the Swimming pool, (too lazy for the gym!) Serving In charity shops (the only kind I can afford) and occasionally on the web, and I can state without fear of contradiction
The most made up, sexy looking, well dressed, smart lady can often be a lot less sexy than an overweight, and frankly frumpy one.
THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NO CRITICISM OF EITHER TYPE OF LADY and this is not a rule, not to be taken as a generalisation, or seen as judgemental in any way.
Both kinds can be, and frequently are, extremely sexy, given the right stimulus.
And........................... THANK GOODNESS THEY ARE xx
salsakizomba salsakizomba
46-50, M
Jan 15, 2013