Why The Hell Not.

I completely agree that women should be allowed to go topless if they want. Not just for equality reasons either, but also because I love breasts so I wouldn't mind in the least bit, lol.

I never understood how breasts are considered crude or naughty. They are beautiful and life giving.

America is too prudish to ever let women go topless though. Maybe someday I'll move to San Francisco. That city is so much more open and accepting than anywhere else.

I love the city I live in now because it's the most accepting and open place anywhere near me, but women would still never be able to go topless here.

On second thought, forget women going topless. I want to live in a world where anyone can go nude if they please. Cloths are only necessary if you are working with molten metal, lol.
andyh007 andyh007
22-25, M
Dec 5, 2012