I Dont Understand....

I dont understand why alot of the stories and especially comments in this group are an insult to men. Yes there are men with enlarged breasts (many of which CANNOT help it). This was intended to support equal rights and freedoms for women, and promote a healthy sense of body acceptance....not to insult males (or dictate who should or shouldnt be topless because they dont "measure up" to the ideal social standard). Men with gynocomastia cannot help having larger breasts, any more than a woman can help how "perky" or "sagging" her breasts are (or any othe natural characteristic of them). I just wish some people would be more mindful of what they say and the opinions they choose to share. Im done ranting.

IndyJoe IndyJoe
41-45, M
1 Response Feb 18, 2009

good job indy!