Women Should Be Allowed

I never sunbathe now unless I'm topless. I'm either covered up in a teeshirt or have bare breasted. I wouldn't want to go to a beach wear women all wore their tops. I think we women should be able to go topless anywhere a man would.

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10 Responses Mar 7, 2009

I never understood the difference. I've seen men with bigger breasts than some women, and no one ever tells them to wear a bra. Probably because men wrote the laws. Unfairness sucks.

There are two places that had similar protests about that sort of thing. I should check my facts, but I can't be bothered because I'm very lazy. Anyway, both places had people protesting the fact that women aren't allowed to be topless and both places highlighted the inequality, since men didn't have that restriction.

The response was a change to the legal situation in both places. One said that men had to wear shirts and one allowed women the freedom to go topless. So both got rid of the inequality, but one became less restrictive and the other became more restrictive.

I hate having to wear clothes at all. So I know which place I'd prefer to live. I just need to check those facts, find out which one it is and move there.

I think women should be allowed to go nude only if they want.<br />
As despite of all the social customs female nudity still looks much elegant for most of the times, rather than male

I can think of no valid reason why women should not be allowed the same freedom as men. Given the recent rulings on equality by the european court of human rights I think it will be only a short while before someone challenges it and wins this right. How many women take up the opportunity is another matter

topless is a good start, lol

I think we should all go naked also! :)

I too think women should be able to go without a shirt anywhere a man can. My husband and sons can work in the yard without a shirt, and I can't. My husband and sons can go to the pool, or beach without a shirt, and i can't. I think the EUR has the right idea, most of the beaches there are topless.

Thats fair i think that would be a good thing.

Laws regarding nudity, partial or total, are absurd and need to be changed starting with allowing women to be topless and then allowing complete nudity for all!

You definitely have the right idea. We should have as much right to feel the warm sun on our breasts as any man!