I Don't.

I have a hard enough time not getting hit by cars and falling down the sewer as it is. Random boob sightings would be the death of me for sure.

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7 Responses Mar 21, 2009

so you see boobs driving along the road so you are looking at the boobs ,a woman steps on to the road and you hit her which is to blame ,the boobs ,the woman.or you for not looking at the road.

You are too funny! You do have to admit it is a SEXIST double standard to allow topless men and not women.

I wonder if women went around topless like men do,and if after awhile of men seeing bare breast so often would that would make their sexual desire to see or touch them less than it is now because we don't just go around topless?<br />
<br />
I hope that made sense,tell me what you think of that.

I want to visit beaches around Australia and Rio

sorry, I cant jog now... and if we did not wear support, they would all be on the ground...... I say let men wear bras if they have manboobs.

Hey with you big guy ...... short skirts ..... yup short skirts to busy looking at this hot chic bending over into the boot of her car ..... and bump !!! the car in front had stopped and well you can guess the rest .........

I come with a peaceful message. The majority of boobs are quite friendly and very inviting. They come in peace and like to play.

RBS would replace alcohol as the lead cause of vehicle accidents<br />
<br />
and alcohol would be the lead cause of RBS