Let It All Hang Out

I think women should be allowed to go topless wherever men are. Some guys are very immature when it comes to breasts, and it's not my fault b/c I have breasts!

Going topless feels GOOD, and men shouldn't be the only ones allowed to indulge in that.

I mean if you really think about it, when you go to the store anyway you see like 90% of a woman's breast on the cover. The only thing that is hidden is the nipple, but men and women have the same nipples!!!

honeybunch honeybunch
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13 Responses Mar 26, 2009

It's not women's fault they can't go topless, it's because of men not being able to control themselves and act decently when they see a topless woman. Really ironic isn't it. Most men would like to see women able to take their shirts off, but it's their on lack of self control that prevents it from being a possibility.

I think there is a fair chance you wouldn't get many men objecting.

I SO agree. I keep myself in shape, and I would love walking around with just shorts on. Ive seen men that should not be allowed to be shirtless

Honeybunch, I agree with you 100 percent. Let us women unite and call out a topless/topfree day worldwide. Maybe the discrimination will then be removed.

i agree american culture is backwards and ****** up

Its not suppose to be one way we are equal parts to the God,Goddess,,,lets start treating each other that way,,,VAVA La Revalution,,,,mary

absolutely , why not , if plenty of women did it , the novelty wouid soon wear of for guys , the next generation would grow up less opressed

Mary, That is wonderful. I recall many years ago, some main stream magazine placed a cover photo of a woman who had a mastectomy, exposing her surgical site while keeping her breast covered. It raised quite the uproar. Their intent was to raise controversy, if we can place a man on the cover showing nipple, and not a woman, why not a woman without a breast or nipple?<br />
<br />
BTW, my mother had Harley Eagle place around her portocath (OK, it was a temporary Tattoo, but it raised some eyebrows when she got her chemo.

I like this ,,,my husbend thinks I could get a ticket or something for indesent exsposure,,,I have no breast,,,and I diffently think if I want to go topless I should be able to do that,,,,I would like to get a big bird riasing out of the fire,,,,there on my chest,,,love life and liberty,,,,mary

actually, you can. its the law. no one can make you put a shirt on on the street. now as far as going into buildings, restaurants, or clubs. they may have a dress code and they can make you. <br />
but the gov can't do anything, so go for it!

I'd have to agree, women should be allowed to go topless.

Americans are incredibly screwed up about breasts. They'll freak out about something so natural and pure as breast feeding because in their sexually-repressed culture, they can't even think of a breast without associating it with sexuality. The very notion that our natural bodies are something to be ashamed of is utterly ridiculous.

Oh, yes! - As a man, I'd just love to see women getting around topless! Isn't it strange? - how, in many 3rd world countries, the women get around topless permanently, and yet we move in and tell them it's all wrong?? They've been doing it for hundreds and hundreds of years - yet we are telling them it's wrong?? This is just religious control freaks at work. The women in these countries have no problem with going topless, and sometimes even 100% naked - yet we tell them they have to cover up to become "socially acceptable"? What a load of crap! If the women in these societies felt threatened, or unsafe, or uncomfortable, I'm sure they would have covered their breasts long ago!!