Topfreedom Is, Frankly, Inevitable.

If you ladies want bare your breasts in warm weather, or in indoor pools, just do it. The law will adapt, sooner or later. Police and judges cannot force you to be more modest than you want to be. This battle was won in Europe 30 years ago, and could well be won in the USA by, say, 2030.

The de-erogenisation of the female breasts is well underway, as a glance at contemporary internet **** will reveal. The breast fetish of the skin and girlie mags of my youth was largely an artifact of their not daring to show vulva. Once the vulva went mainstream, in the 1990s, and once the internet made it possible for small breasted amateurs to bare all, the breast fixation greatly eased.

The point is not that breasts should be bared anywhere, any time. Rather, bare breasts should be tolerated anywhere where a bikini would not be out of place now. There are many women who will not wear a bikini, and I am fine with their not baring their breasts either.

I have no problem with city councils not allowing bare breasts where teenagers and college students socialize. I am not keen on high school and college girls going bare breasted in order to tease boys their own age. I have no problem with a norm saying that the baring of breasts is a prerogative reserved for fully adult women, women with the poise and inner strength to cope with any perving.

Indecent exposure should not apply to women over a certain age, say 30. And it should NOT apply to any woman breastfeeding.

P.S. It has just come to my attention that on French beaches in 2009, most topless women were over 30. Few women under 25 are topless now. A Scandinavian woman also tells me that the coed sauna is dying in Scandinavia. I submitt that both facts stem from the internet's enticing young men in all cultures to adopt the American standard of prurience. **** interferes with the progress of young men towards maturity and sophistication. Young women respond by covering themselves more.

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2 Responses Feb 27, 2010

I think if it comes to where young attractive studs are allowed to go nude in public you will get disruptive responses to some extent from females as well. Females with access to naked or scantily-clad men are known to gawk, like that reporter who made a big deal over some dirty talk directed her way in the New England Patriots' locker room 20 years ago after she engaged in gawking. "Help--my life has been ruined by sexual harassment and I need millions of dollars to be made whole again!"--one of the biggest public farces in modern times.<br />
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What you just said about **** is quite true. I had in mind the individual consumer's widespread tendency to get bored by what once aroused and to need increasingly outrageous subject matter to get his jollies. Heard on TV that a husband's **** has a strong negative correlation to a couple's sexual satisfaction and his finding her attractive.

Consa, do you think there could be any significance in the fact that with the exception of the Minoans there has been a pretty sharp dichotomy between civilized and uncivilized societies regarding public nudity? I don't know of other civilized societies which had women bare-breasted. For civilized societies outside of gymnasium type situations it's generally been everybody covers buttocks and genitals and women cover breasts.<br />
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I don't know about New Zeeland, but breast fixation shows no sign of going away any time soon in the US. But anything that is displayed in great abundance can have a numbing effect. One keen observer stated that one woman dancing naked is erotic, but a dozen kills the effect. The numbing effect of **** is no doubt why it is so progressive, with the felt need for kinkier and kinkier stuff.