Women Are Truly Goddesses

In ancient days, Women occupied a very important position, in fact a superior position to, men. If you look at the ancient Indian culture, the only words for strength and power are Feminine -"Shakti'' means "power'' and "strength.'' All male power comes from the Feminine. So in ancient days people realized the importance of Women. Men worshipped Women. But later Women, being kind, soft and sensual, allowed men to be in charge and now they are struggling to fight for equality. Women are actually not equal to men, but superior than men in almost everything. If I start writing about Female Superiority, it will take several years and hundreds thousands of papers to finish.

So in the modern world, Females struggle a lot.
Poor families will not educate Girls; they prefer to educate their son. Many people don't want a Girl child. They go for abortion. For marriages, the bridegroom's family ask dowry from Girl's family. In many schools, there are no good toilets for Girls. Women are abused and raped daily. Even today, every day I hear a lot of news about rape, molestation etc. Girls have to leave their job, if husband is working in a different location. She has to leave her parents, her house and accept her husband's name as surname. Some people won't allow their wife to work after marriage, eventhough she wishes to work. I have grown up seeing all these craps arround me.

Despite all these injustices, Women are the backbone of the society. She is the wonderful art of God. She is the perfectness of Beauty and Love. She suffers the pain of child birth, she has her periods. She is loving, caring and always emotional. Because of Her sufferings, men are going well.

Women are amazing in their ability to multi-task. There are many Women out there who have successfully mastered the art of balancing many different roles i.e. career-Woman, homemaker, wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, boss, etc. I can't even think of doing all these. They are even good in decision making and are better choice to be the Boss.

Without Women, no one will be here. It's a blessing to be a Female. In modern world, Women are degrading themselves as well as allowing others to degrade them. Girls should first realize about their real Feminine strength, which is strong enough to keep any man on his knees. Women are Goddesses. Your Feminine is sacred. Celebrate your greatness. Don't allow men to degrade you, but make him get on his knees to worship you.

In the past few decades, Women have grown from dust to sky. Current researches show that the Future is Female. I hope in the coming years, Women will regain their lost old place in the society and the future will be more bright. So come on Girls, realize your potential and be proud of being a Woman/Goddess. You Girls are special and you are the masterpiece creation of God. I worship you Girls and I really mean it.
underherfeetforever underherfeetforever
26-30, M
Aug 6, 2012