We Should All Be Slaves

I am a proud man who says that woman should be incharge if your mom tells u to lick her feet do it if your ex tells u to kiss her *** get down on your knees and do it men r born to be slaves if you disrespect a woman u should be punished if a girl ask u to do anything do it idc what it is if your mom wants to have sex with u do i. Because u have no other reson to live if a girl wants to hurt someone put your hands behind your head spread your legs and let her hurt u if a girl has to go to the bathroom and theres none around open your mouth and when she's done begfor more if her seat is uncomfretbal let her sit on u if she has to fart let her fart on you if she wants to end u let her as a man i personly believe that we should have no Wright's as a human and it sickenes me toknow that we do if u have a daughter once she turns 10 she should be the boss of you and if u dont follow her rules u should have 1 year in prison if u dont listen to your mom u should be spanked raped squashed ect and if you make fun of a fat lady she should have the wright to trample u sit **** on u whatever she wants all girls deserve to be worshiped teachers parents aunts nanours grand mothers friends all guys should be slaves for life
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Jan 14, 2013