We Are Goddess One And All

I wish I could make all women understand this . I see and hear women that are in abusive and hurtful relationships. They allow certain men or partners to run over them and treat them like nothing.


I want to take these women and shake them lovingly make them turn and look in the mirror and

make them see what they really are , before someone in their lives made them feel small and hollow,

before they were made to feel insignificant . I want them to see themselves as  the extraordinary

creatures they are . 


In every women's life there is a time when she didn't feel good enough that she didn't live up to

stereotypes she sees everywhere she goes. But we need to take that veil that covers our eyes and

obscures the true view of who and what we are and rip it away.


I stand in front of my mirror and I see my physical charms my long hair , my shining eyes , the sensuous

curves of my body that make me female I see that beauty and I am proud. But I refuse to stop there I

see also the beauty and strength I have inside . I have worked hard not to  become just an object, a

toy. I am  a 3 dimensional work of art  , one that understands and loves, one that is strong enough to

bring a man to his knees but compassionate enough to know how to treat him once he is there


Ladies we are divine , we are strong , our beauty has been painted and sculpted ,lusted after , and

killed over.


I only hope that all the women whether  mature , young , voluptuous and thin ,conservative , shy or wild take a chance to look into that mirror and realize the adoration you all deserve for being the

goddesses you all are .


I am a goddess and I deserve to be worshiped do you?


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Yes, I agree. But the most beautiful is mutual worship. This is very beautiful: http://lifestyle.czweb.org<br />
<br />
woman = goddess, man = god

I'm sorry, but I know if I didn't share this Groups uhm...point. I shouldn't have explored but I was curious. So, did you know men are also abused. And you might want to check your looks because if you don't got a Great Personality...eh eh don't even think about it. Everyone has different tastes. But, some people like me believe that Respect is earned. And I don't bow or worship anyone besides Athena. Or the Olympians.

This is the most authentic and inspiring story I have ever read in EP. Every woman should read this. I am sure this will inspire women to realize their divinity, power and greatness. I totally agree with you and you really deserve to be worshipped. I worship you Goddess Softkitti. I wish you all the success in empowering Women through this motivating story

i worship women .

This is wonderful! How I wish all women could see themselves as you have described.

of course fellow goddess gumshoe you are so welcome *hugs* =-)<br />
<br />
Agreed crazywater now lets have some pina colodas..=-D thanks for your comments .

I agree 100%! Thank you so much for this, very, very uplifting. Bless your sweet heart!<br />
take care,<br />

*high fives pla<x>yer*=-)

Thank you danaslover I agree with your aggreement !!

Oh.... PM me your email Id....I will ask her to talk with u...After a few mins you will realize why I am crazy about her! kiku!

ahh she must be special in your eyes to be sure !! =-P we must see this paragon of a woman to be sure

Be good to your woman and she be good to you baby doll

Believe it or not,I pray my girl everyday!! I treat her like a goddess for sure yes?!! kiku!

Shallow I am sorry for your experiences ..this post was meant for women that are abused and feel like they should stay with their abusers because they deserve the abuse . I was not generalizing and did not mean for it to sound as if all men are abusers since I have many male friends who are wonderful people. But this post is more of an encouragement for women who I have known in past and present that feel as if they are nothing , this is their boost and I stand by it as such . <br />
<br />
And no shallow you did not offend me in the least , your have a right to express the opinion you have and I respect and appreciate it ..thank you =-D<br />
<br />
<br />
Yep cappy we are simpatico on this , I myself have read so many sad stories and have even read some questions that are disturbing , and the ones that disturb me the most are the ones that potray themselves as the faultof the abuse they are receiving *sighs* my heart goes out to them! Thanks for your comment cappy!=-D

I'm sorry, if I offend anyone, this is not my intent... But.. I have to defend myself in this matter.. I am a Male.. It is true that women are abused, But as are men... You speak of Women as some perfect creature... But I have been psychically abused, and worst of all, mentally abused by many women, Women are known for their seduction and manipulation, their sneaky way's of their mind work... As men can be too.. I am not going to be lowered because of some men, that were ******.. because.. Woman are just as ****** as we are... I do not think Men or woman should be worshiped.. because we are both Imperfect...

i hate guys who do that a LOT. i see so many great women on here who think their crap. i mean it drives me crazy how they can't see how great they are wehn it ssoo obvious. it always seems the sweetest and greatest people can see goodness in everyone but themselves. if i ever got to be with the woman i love i would treat her like the goddess she is. i seriously can't help it i even gave her an awesome electric guitar for christmas because shes wild about them. i even wrote a five page poem to tell her how much i love her... stil didn't do her justice

ohh 8 foot your are too sweet to be real!...*runs and gives 8 foot super hugs*=-D

I am yours softkitti...

smileybean thank you for your kind comments , and good I found another goddess girl;)<br />
<br />
womaninbliss I have read your stuff and your are the best thank you for commenting as well sweetie ;)

Great story kitti ... agree with every word.

The integrity and sincerity of your words alone are worthy to be bowed to Softkitti. Why one human being would want to break another human period is heinous enough concept, but when that other is considered to be the person he loves, his chosen mate, it then becomes something I simply can't wrap my mind around. This is your partner, the person who is standing beside you, going to sleep next to you, she may be preparing your meals, helping you raise the kids, your inspiration… you should consider her as part of yourself.<br />
Why, one would want to abuse their right arm and stop it from functioning at its' highest capacity is beyond me? Would this not only make you less of a man yourself... not more!<br />
<br />
Your words have struck a chord on this topic SoftKitti. The human race needs to wake up on this one, and your words should be heard around the world, as far as I am concerned.<br />
<br />
I don’t believe anyone was created to be a doormat !

I love lucifer! soft kitty,i wish all my friends who i try to save from crappy relationships would read this. Thanks for posting!

Your welcome darling , honeysuckle your a goddess baby make that man of yours bow ;) thank you for commenting ;)

aww thank you sweetie that was sweet , ;)

Well are you starliterose sister or what?lol..<br />
""I have worshipped woman as the living embodiment of the spirit of service and sacrifice"= Mahatma Gandhi..<br />
When he does I will do certainly!<br />
Women are anyday better than man..Even I have given reasons in one of my stories..I worship you softkitti!

good for you lillygrl I am so happy to hear that , thank you for commenting, take care<br />
<br />
Yucca yes we should :) thank you

We deserve to be loved as we love...=)

I am a lightning rod of a human being is what I am. A goddess energy is a part of me and I am worshipped....I am getting myself out of many abusive relationships this year. Including one with a boyfriend of distance who I am in an open relationship with. He phones 20 times a night. I do not pick up anymore. I realized I was giving him the platform to abuse me by not treating me with commitment or honor. I realize these people need me to abuse rather than love and I sm tired of it.

XD you are to funny , you are to funny I understand what you mean alot of my chubby friends are so cute and noone pays any attention !! <br />
<br />
I actually forgot what I was about to say because I just reread (bob) !! Oh god I just turned 26 and you making me feel old.. ;) joking I was blessed with my mothers genes so Im good . Lucifer you are too much baby cakes , listen to this Im calling Lucifer baby cakes shouldnt lightening be striking me or something

Good...because i have the hand-cuffs the cooking oil and Bob has the Social Commentary on why older women are more attractive. BOB!<br />
<br />
<br />
(Bob) - Thanks Lu. Ladies and Gentlemen we the people of today are so obsessed with the jailbait looking, so skinny you could almost fit her nearly in cracks in the street looking girls that the older women and the hefty girls are left n the darkness like prized jewels. More on this at 10.

*laughs* your are too funny for your own good a Tibit huh? hmm a possessed Tibit named Lucifer ohhhhh<br />
* puts whip down * Im still keeping the chair though ,you never know

Oh no I'm a...I'm a Tibit, a hybrid between a Tiger and a Rabbit.

uh oh Lucifer has jokes *laughs* not a tiger huh , I think Im keeping my whip handy just in case ;)

Hi snowboard isnt that sad , I for one do not stand for that he will do the dishes dry them and rub my feet and like it ;) !! Thanks for commenting

They all looked like they were 6 months addicted to snow. Well I've been called sweet enough so I guess I am,.......I had a little joke for that but I'll leave it alone. Oh don't worry, I'm not a Tiger,......damn, another joke that just came to mind for that.

ha ha thank god I am not the only one who thinks Twilight was a kiddie movie I dont understand women that like it but to each his own ... and I hope you like me you seem sweet should I have my whip and chair to defend myself ;)

Yup, women=worshipable.<br />
Remember the story of Troy?<br />
Men used to go to war for a woman, now they won't clean the dishes for them...

Thank you for your high opinion of my works, but there are poems here that surpass my own abilities.<br />
And I am sweet so long as i like you and you don't hurt others, or **** me off.<br />
Being a fan of Twilight is also a big no-no for me too in that department. That fake a** series.

Yes you are I have read some of your poems beautiful absolutely beautiful , you have talent you really do and yes you are sweet ..... ;)

*Gasps* I am no bad boy. I just happen to have a wicked sense of humor and apply it at opportunities that are allowable.<br />
Besides, it's Impossible to give me a bad reputation. I tend to make good friends with people. Must be my personality. :)<br />
<br />
<br />
Anyway, it is always a pleasure to comment on stories.

Bad boy sweet lucifer I have a feeling no one can give you a bad name, worst than it is anyway ;) Your wicked and I love that about you . Thank you for commenting darling

Well, every time people try to worship me, either a.) someone is sacrificed in my (in)glorious name, b.) they are called Emos, Goth, crazy, or Charles Manson, or c.) That a**wipe Cthulu cuts in and Holy-blocks me (that a**hole, you would not imagine his horrid scent).<br />
<br />
<br />
Anyway, enough about me, I am not woman, so I don't roar............<br />
It is true woman ought be respected and revered for your strengths and courage. And it is aggravating to know that their are men in the world who try to give me and those not even remotely like me (but who are never-the-less good and kind) bad names. If I wanted to give myself a bad name, I would simply run up to that uptight b**** my father stupidly married and strangle her to death for trying to steal what is rightfully his and mine and my family's.

Dark wolf its sad what some women have to still put up with , me I put up with absolutely nothing ! Thanks for commenting sweetie

sadist bow down when you say that ;) thanks for commenting darling

i totally agree with this story i mean men seem to treat women like ob<x>jects to be used and then thrown aside...welll except for XCRevolution i dont think she takes that crap lol. but i hate seeing my freinds have eot put up with these a hole bfs and then uv got the stories of men raping women and it just makes me sick that men ccould do that.

Thank you star I read all the sad stories from women here and it kills me . <br />
*hugs * right back at you babe ;)

That was beautiful, I agree 100% kitti! *hugs* :)