If She Likes You She Will "show" Them..

My hot wife has a gorgeous set of 34 c d breasts.. her nipples are delicious on her soft breast. A close girlfriend had visited a few weeks after my wifes birthday to drop off a gift..she was a milf who I met only once before. She brought her 16 yo son who was more like 20 with facial hair and grown up looking biker type. Tina helped my wife unwrap the gift as I watched from a balcony above. Tina son went into the kitchen for a few minutes. My little hottie peeled off her shirt!! Her boobs were hot hanging in the flimsy bra.and tina said try it without a bra..it was a criss cross light cotton shirt. I could see her son sneeking a peek from the kitchen as my topless wife giggled slipping on the shirt. I was hot just watching.. he returned and the front of the criss cross was too loose and she gave him her full show . Bending over and making him hard right in front of his mom. Taking forever checking it out in the living room mirror. What a hard on this produces..I was wet and he was erect and trying to handle it. She was bouncing all over as she told her friend how she loved the shirt.. then she gives tina a big long hug as the son pops up with his pup tent and quickly presses it into my wife for a hug and kiss on the lips..hot. he held her til she was giggling and he sat back down smiling.
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May 13, 2012