A Time and Place

I think that a reasonable amount of cleavage will add to the attractiveness of a woman going out on the town. 

I have seen  other girls showing a considerable amount of cleavage in a business environment, and I happen to believe that it might take some credibility away from that person.   My vote is yes, but like the title says....there is a time and place for everything....LOL

Californiarocks Californiarocks
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15 Responses Feb 25, 2009

I agree with you. Once I was interviewing for a secretary for my lady boss. Guess how some of the ladies wore when they came for the interview. Unbelievable. The clevage exposure and the short tight skirts are way too tight or short. I had seen many upskirts There is always a time and place more showing the cleavage or upskirts.

I wish I had more to show, but even so, there is a time and place thats right.

have to ask my girlfriend for permission to touch 'em singer LOL

Ewuuuuu...Man boobies........<br />
<br />
Can I touch them Rick......Want to see if they are real...Or if you had a boob job...hehehehe

Seinfeld can get you a 'bro' or a 'mansier'

i don't wear one so mine kinda sag pretty badly LOL

Hey Rick, what size is your push up bra? LOL

hell i probably have bigger boobs than half the women on EP anyway LOL


oh what the hell i'll disagree just cause everyone else is agreeing......ladies keep the puppies covered up completely at all times

Yes...the right time...and place....But when I go to work...and see woman wearing pants that look like they were spray painted on....and a top cut so low.....it shows her belly button....Well that is just wrong.....I mean I do not work in a sex shop......or Victoria's secret.....(and what secret does Victoria keep anyway...not a big one)<br />
<br />
But yes...There is a time and a place...and the check out line at Target is not the time or the place to show the goodies....

Even I find myself distracted by too much cleave!! And I can look at my own whenever I want!! LOL

Absolutely agree. I work in the corporate world, and it"s true about the credibility factor. Less is more.

LOL, whuttup, I need to take more of a controversial position : )

I predict you'll have a deafening lack of argument here... lol