Cleavage Is An Amazing Thing....

Well, since i signed up for this group, i may as say something.

I do think women should display their cleavage, its what makes us unique and sexy =D

Myself, I enjoy that just the right amount cleavage. I can put on anything and show cleavage, but I fiddle around with it for some time for that perfect look. This one blue dress a have is perfect, it shows a deep plunging look and it bulges out just enough, its amazing. As for normal clothes, I have a more conservative stuff but I do have a few striking outfits for that razzle dazzle look.

Anyway...That's about it, i guess. Feel free to comment =D

madammimi madammimi
22-25, F
4 Responses Mar 6, 2009

BarbieB...find "cjrayson" profile on here she has the biggest boobs I have ever seen...if they are real!!!

i love cleavage, and I agree, show it off if ya got it! :) Would love to see this blue dress on ya Mimi.

Love to see this blue outfit sometime. thank you for posting this story.

I love women who show their cleavage. To me it tells me that they are proud of what they have and love their breasts enough to show the world how proud they are. Would love to see your N cups. Will you be posting a pic someday? I haven't seen anything bigger than a E cup and would love to see what an N cup looks like.