Tube and Bikini Tops

I am going to be real frank here and not beat around the bush at all.  Do I enjoy showing off my ***'s?  Yes I do and I enjoy the looks I get from guys.  During the hot hot summer when I do have to get dressed to go shopping and when I say """have to get dressed""" means I go naked at home since we are avid nuidist, I wear short shorts, cheap rubber flip flops and tube or bikini tops when I have to go out in public...BUT...if I could go out buck naked I would in the blink of an eye.  Tube tops can be worn real low and the bottoms tucked up under which gives a nice view without falling out when you bend over.  String bikini tops leave very little to thought.  

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7 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Would love to see you

I love tube tops, would love to see more of them!

wow can't say I wouldn't mind the view...nice :)

In our pool and hot tub you have to be naked or you cannot get in. The rest of our home and land is clothing optional.

you may come visit and time. that would make my life to have a woman in my home willing to go in a tub top or bikini top or none.

Certainly, show as much as you can. I loved it when my busty ex-girlfriend showed a lot of cleavage when we went out. Busty women proud of their big breasts are sooo sexxxyy

Can't argue with that! Show as much as you can get away with. Bikini tops are definitely my choice when I can't be topless.