It Looks Great

Last night we were at the bar and our waitress was nearly falling out of her shirt.  I thougt it looked great and when my wife caught me checking her out, she asked, "you like that don't you?"  "Oh, ya!" I said.  She said, "I like it too".  My wife does show cleavage, but she is often modest about it, but she has promised to show "no less" than our waitress at the bar was sporting, when we go out on Saturday night.  I can hardly wait.

When I met my wife, she was extremely conservative and it wasn't until I saw her in a bikini at the local pool, that I knew I had to ask her out.  Since then, with my encouragement, her wardrobe has changed and her neckline has dropped considerable.  She rarely wears anything that doesn't display her assets in a provocative, but tasteful manner.

2fun 2fun
41-45, M
Mar 11, 2009