Dirty Talk And The Waitress

I used to stop by a quiet Holiday Inn for a drink after work. I became friendly with a beautiful, lithe Scottish waitress, named Moira, who was in a common law marriage. We got to know each other over time and I started telling her how s*exy she was and how she was in a perfect job to "make love" to any guy she wanted. I said I thought all women should feel free to f*uck as often as they felt the urge. She argued for monogamy, but always hung around for more of my talk. I got really graphic with my dirty talk, talking about different c*ocks sliding in and out of her and s*perming her. I know she was always h*orny and one day she broke. I f*ucked her standing up in a quiet hallway after the bar closed one night. I shot my load inside her and helped her on with her panties. We found out later that the bartender was in his car outside a window where we f*ucked and watched everything. A few nights after that she told me she'd f*ucked the bartender. I s*crewed her for about three months and kept encouraging her to f*uck other guys. She quickly got into it until she was slutting with most of the guys in my office. I've got to tell you, a very attractive woman became the most beautiful woman imaginable! Her face and eyes gave off a light she never quite had before and I know her panties were constantly messy. I wish all women could convert like Moira did.    

MalErotique MalErotique
2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

I'm so jealous! I want her job!