Me, Too! (but How Can I Be Sure ....)

I love the name of this site, because it expresses my obsession and goal. For me, having one ****** is quite a chore. Without my trusty vibrator I take quite a while to come. With it I'm predictable, but it's still not for everyone -- toy sex. Men are so busied when they can make me come, even though they've spend an hour at it and are fully obsessed. I still don't most of the time,without Mr. Happy there to help. I'm recpetive to any ideas people have,but so far nothing has really done the trick, except Mr. Happy, who also threatens any lover with a d*ck....
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i could take care of that issue n help make u squirt w body numbing orgasasms.. it is all about ur partners technique n how n what is done...may we talk plz...carpenterjim65 on yahoo

Yes, it does take patience and stamina... which can be a challenge to some

<p>Babe, you havent been with the right man ! id make you *** and *** and *** ! and any real man will not be jealous of a ***** . anything that makes my gf *** and *** and makes her happy with me is cool ! and ****** cant preform oral on you , hug you , or rub your feet . just saying !</p>

******* is only one part of sex, maybe a little overrated. what I like about it, is it opens me up for other things. The best part about ******* is it makes my vagina so ripe -- I mean RED. If I'm at a nudist spa,one of my favorite things is ******* before I go out nude to the pool -- parading my crimson-red ***** around to everyone, on view. Amazing, but few men seem to notice anything different at all......

No one but my GFs ever noticed......

┬ŽD love the visual you gave me thank-you
I sure would love to see that ;)

I have never felt threatened by a vibrator. They're just one more accessory to having sex. You need to find a man that's a little more open and he'll soon find that if he finds the key to you (even if it is with the help of a vibrator) then his rewards will be IMMENSE!! Keep trying!

a vibrator does guarantee I'll come...

I always make sure my wife gets two before its my turn !! sometimes she can get three or four outta me. and I love it when she does !! makes me feel good makes her feel good !! win win. friend me

wow! you're both multi-orgasmic!

not me just her !!! well sometimes I might get two but its rare

I don't think I'd be threatened by a toy.... Let me nibble and tease along with him!!!

yeah, but i'd be afraid to let you know I wanted it...

You must have had bad luck with men - who never got over ************ and the bad lessons it teaches them. I am in no rush with my Wife - ever, I am enthusiastic and I enjoy providing her with pleasure. I don't hurry - I enjoy taking my time and I don't stop until she tells me to do so. I will slip a version of Mr. Happy over my penis - a vibrating ring. One of my favourite things to do then is to not enter her but to slide myself between her lips up and down with that little buzzer humming away. I do this until she litterally places me inside her - demanding that I finish. If she gets upset with me about anything it is that she feels it takes me too long to finish but I don't even think about this until she has been properly satisfied.

Very nice... No,I haven't necessarily had bad luck with men at all, it's just that many feel I should be easier to stimulate. Asking them to help with a know... makes them feel inadequate, even though they aren't at all.

Maybe you just haven't met that right person who you can be completely comfortable with when having sex. Maybe you have but aren't at that point yet. Whatever the case, I'm sure its none of my businesss.

But as a male, I can tell you that stimilutating her ****, whether its from a toy, my hand, her hand, my tongue, my ****, or whatever else, its always very erotic for the both of us. In no way does it make me feel inadequate. To bring your partner to that state of arousal is the ultimate climax for me.

I hope you get to that point where multiple organisms becomes the norm :)

Maybe, I don't know.... I've even seen a doctor over it, and it hasn't helped. He told me to 'get used to it.' Nothings broken.

Try and think about Mr. Happy.. thoughts :)

yes, that and a gazillion other things..... I find it very hard to rub myself in front of a lover, but sometimes I do, to try and help. I'm just one of a few very insensitive women, that need some patience and help.

That's the problem JNP, your always thinking about the gazillion other things
I know easier said then done, you need to relax and think of the moment going on or nothing at all and let it happen.
That's why you get the big O when when your dialing zero on the pink phone with Mr. Happy
I'm willing to bet thats the only thing your concentrating on, you and Mr. Happy
The big O

Well, I'll certainly keep trying!!! Thanks.

Stop thinking and start enjoying :)
I can't wait to hear that your *******
Was that too forward lol

If I could figure out a technique that works 99% of the time, I would use it.

You've got Mr Happy sweetheart
All you gotta do is teach us men in your life how to use it per your instructions and we all will enjoy
Then, hopefully you won't think about what should be getting done and let the big "O" *** to town :-D

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