This Is A Definite Certainty! Every Woman Should Be Multi.

I admit I had lots of sex before marriage and occasionally orgasmed. However, I could always bring myself to better ******* ************ that anyone else could doing anything else.  Then I met my soul mate, sex mate, play mate, and best best friend for life.  Our honeymoon was so ballistic, afterwards we both said, "How on earth are we ever going to top that?"  I orgasmed so many times the first day and night we could not keep count.  My husband felt like stud of the year.  It has been like that ever since.  Not only do I multi from penal penetration, but he can finger me and accomplish it, eat me and do it, even use toys on me.  I am even multiorgasmic when doing myself.  The closest I can *** to what my husband does to me is when I DP myself in some manner.  And when he does - HOLY MOLEY!  Normal penetration is to scream for and the DP makes my eyes roll back in my head and loose me eyeballs.  I honestly believe I lose consciousness on occasion.  

Every woman should learn her body well enough to communicate what is working and is not and learn together what brings the multis.  They are out of this world good.  
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i agree and want to help them all explore lol