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My Husband Wearing Stockings

I enjoying making my husband wear panties, bras, lingerie, pantyhose and stockings. I love how his legs feel when he is wearing stockings and love when we are both wearing stockings and our legs rub against each other, it feels amazing. We often have intercourse both wearing panties and stockings, I love when I am in doggy style position and he pulls my panties to the side and grabs my stocking covered hips. I enjoy reaching underneath him and caressing his balls through the panties he is wearing. Wearing during intercourse is very much a turn on for both me and my husband, we enjoy all types of stockings and often look for the colored ones, pink, blue, purple but they can be harder to find, costume shops often have them, we found one place that has just about every color stockings you can imagine. We enjoy bright colors, whether it be panties or stockings or even lingerie, pink, yellow, blue, purple, teal green those are some of our favorite color panties and stockings. Check out our profile for more about us.
pantiescouple pantiescouple 26-30 8 Responses Mar 29, 2011

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HI, Me d my husband really enjoyed doing this too, godwhat a turn on but now ive found e-mails and phone calls ( what go bk 6 years ) ov him talking meeting a man called Katie I thought this was just for us n we was soul mates he says it was just all talk n itgot him horney talking about this but I feel he has actually been cheating on me with this man, im devasted - I wud ov felt more repect n support for him if he was been 100% honest with me but I don't feel like he is . hes told me he will have no more contact with this man but I don't feel he can break away from him n this Katie ( pete) isn't gonna let him go. they talk ov luv yous n miss yous n all the sexual stuff they do. Im devasted !

Its really good when my wife dresses me up in bra, stockings and suspender belt as it means that I will be able to make love to her. If i am not dressed up all I get is a ******* :(

I wish my wife felt as you do. Unfortunately she knows of my desire to wear sexy black lace lingerie, but will not indulge my passion. This leaves me with feelings of frustration and shame.

My wife started me wearing stockings, garter belt , bra and lace panties after i told her that her legs felt so good while she had stockings on. She asked me if i would like to try stockings on and i told her i would, that weekend she shaved my legs put me into a silky pair of stockings with a garter belt, bra and lace crotch less panties. The feeling that you get while wearing the silky stockings and freshly shaven legs is just so good. I now wear stockings to bed every night with my garter belt and my bedtime lingerie.

I know what you mean by the feeling of both of you wearing sheer nylon stockings on freshly shaved legs. I have never dated a guy for long that wouldn't wear panties and stockings for me. Most guys once they have worn sheer stockings get hooked and want to wear them daily, even under work attire.

Fabulous sweetie

As always you have wonderful articles. Thank you for sharing.

Do you guys go out together with him wearing the tights and panties? When I started wearing women's panties, it was such a turn-on for both my wife and myself. We had some panties that were matching and wearing matching underwear (Unisex?) just made it better. No one else knew, but that didn't matter. By the time we got home, we were so anxious we sometimes didn't make the bedroom! (which was fine by me - hee hee)<br />
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Cheers-><br />
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Hobson Dude

I am currently wearing white bra and directoire knickers together with tights. I have been out all morning and tend to only wear girly underwear all of the time now it doesn't matter if I am at home or out. I don't have sex with my wife anymore as she will only bring me off by hand whilst I am all dressed up like a sissy girl.