To wear them is to love them, over my shaved legs, panties of course, bra and slip. Always in heels to put on my makeup.
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do you have a interest in having sex with men?

Hi nylnck, I enjoyed your story. Early on upon my feminine reawakening I also attempted those infamous pantyhose. I nearly killed myself every time I attempted to pull those darn things on even tho I'd secretly watched my wife slip into them many many times. I usually made a hole or run in one leg or the other. I fondly recalled my adolescent days of slipping into mom's thrown away nylons and hooking them up to her gartered girdle. I then purchased some garter belts and Hanes Silk Reflections plus sized nylons. It has been heavenly ever since! With my silky satin panties outside the garter straps I'm able to very easily use the bathroom in the customary male stand-up position with them worn under my pants. No more problems getting a seat and the pantyhose pulled down before ma nature's urgency needed to be relieved!!! Just wanted to offer a different point of view.

Yes, and with shaved legs it is heavenly. When alone to dress totally is divine, and fantasize myself as a girl to the point of soiling my panties. Tell me what you love to do

Just came across your long ago question to me, "nylnck" and am sorry I haven't responded sooner. What I love to do is lounge around in a long satin nightgown and robe for the evenings watching TV and then sleeping in the gown luxuriating with that wonderful fabric caressing my whole body! My wife is not happy about this but does tolerate it along with my everyday satin (or silky nylon) panty wearing! Now for what "I'd love to do"; that would be to see myself fully enfemme to see what I might look like. If I liked what I saw to then go out shopping and trying dresses and evening/bridal gowns on with my wife's support, joy and help! Sadly this will never happen. )<:

More Women Need to get their Men Feminized. Feminine Men make the Best husbands. Hopefully your wife will be a Role Model for other women. Good to see another Man in Skirts, Heels and Hose!

Again Patti59 I am in complete agreement with your comments like this. It is definitely good to see another Man in Skirts, Heels and Hose! On the other hand tho, how do we "closeted" already feminized men get our wives/SO's to be accepting and supportive? That is the age old question for our particular situations!

Sounds a good idea to me and it is so true .

Yes! My wife started me wearing bra panties and hose soon after we wed.<br />
It had been her idea to dress me as a woman for a haloween party.<br />
She liked me in skirt heels and hose so much that she decided it would be a regular thing<br />
Her dad was a crossdresser and s e had fond memories of helping him with dressing,hair and makeup. <br />
Soon she had me wearing a bra, panties and sheer nylon stockings daily under male clothes.<br />
All my men's underwear was tossed out. Next she began laying out a skirt and stiletto pumps to change into when getting home from work.<br />
I had always been curious as to how girls delicates would feel to wear but never had the nerve to try, so it was easy for her to get me into the haloween outfit. Oh my. How exilerating it was to feel those delicate undies on my skin! I got a huge erection as she slid those sheer nylon stockings onto my<br />
legs! I truly love my lifestyle and my sexy loving wife

LuvToWear what a neat situation you have with such a great wife. I am so jealous of you! Have you begun to wear your feminine lingerie under your male shirt and pants when you go to work. Before retirement I did that many times especially on overnight business trips when i had the time to get everything on before leaving my hotel room.

I luv to wear hose , heels and a mini skirt as much as I can. My wife kinda knows but really don't care. She knows who I am and I know also what I am. I just like to feel good. I am not sure if my wife would go as far as your wife did but I am ok with that. I am a guy and 1000% straight but for my wife to just spice it up a notch would not hurt either. Thanks for sharing

Julie is a bit kinky by nature. I supposed she sensed something in me when we met that I would go along with her desires. I think her relationship with her CD dad got her into a fondness for guys dressed in delicate femme lingerie. I often wonder just how far that relationship went. I dare not ask! She did say that it was her dad that got her wearing garterbelts and sheer stockings instead of pantihose.

You are a very lucky person

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