Just Starting With My Husband

Now that i have Hubby in Chastity, the next logical step is to introduce him to Bras, panties, stockings etc. I've ordered some large breast forms and as soon as they arrive, Ii will introduce him to his new regime. I already have purchased a 40 DD unlined bra with plenty of bounce and jiggle, several panties and thongs and two pair of seamed stockings and a garter belt. If he complains, and he will, I'll just bring out the old hair brush and adjust his attitude.

Soon we will take a trip to Lane Bryant and buy a nice top and skirt "Starter Set". Perhaps a corset? What do you all think. I can't wait. A new "Project" for me.
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I can't beleive how embarrissing it is to be made to wear pantys bra hose and skirts

Great isn't it! Love it!

Corsets are lovely to wear, so confining and feminine. I have had to wear a 'training plug' to work held in by a Rago all-in one girdle. When I got home I 'enjoyed' a hard OTK hairbrushing on my girdled bottom. How humiliating!

go girl

Corset definately! I have my guy wear a corset under his business suit and it makes him look terrific! The sharp look has helped him be more successful as well. He loves the feel of wearing sheer nylon stockings too. Makes his legs look HOT!

so will you make him a chaste sissy and let your other lover **** his *** while you watch?

He is already a chaste sissy. My only other lover is another woman, and we both have taken him anally and spanked his butt soundly.

you are so bad!!! lol

you can do that to me any time x

Be warned, a session with my hair brush is not always erotic. You should assume you will be gagged, restrained and spanked severely. Trying to beg will make me tighten your gag. You will love it and hate it at the same time!

Yummm, my kind of girl. :-)

All his male underwear and socks must be thrown out! Make a big deal of having him dump them into a trashbag. He must have only panties, pantyhose, and stockings. Tell him he can wear dark black stockings with his male clothes when he's out -- IF he's good! <br />
<br />
Legs and underarms and the pubic area must be smooth from now on -- no hair! If he wears female clothing -- well --he must have the smooth body that goes with the clothes!<br />
<br />
How long has he gone without an ******? How long since any type of sex?

Awesome and hopefully tightly laced! My wife introduced me to joy of wearing a corset and it has done wonders. Not only has it helped my posture, but as she kept lacing tighter and tighter little my little it improved my figure significantly. Within a year I went from a 34 in waist to a 28 in waist and that is measured without the corset. So I am sure your hubby is excited now that you've got him in a corset, getting a girly shape.

He's in a corset! Picture to be posted in 15 minutes. A fully boned black leather tight-lacing one. I'll admit, he looks a lot better in a corset. Beer belly gone, sort of a girly shape. Great posture also!

Pictures now posted.

EXCELLENT!!! More Women NEED to take your Lead!

Just ask, and it will be happily granted.

Damm right!

As usual Patti we seem to always agree

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Don't let HEr off the hook until sHe's un hormones t be able to filin HEr new bras

Sounds delightful and it certainly is the next logical step for your hubby, now that you have him in chastity.

I think your project is wonderful. I would suggest a longline bra and Hiwaist OBG or panty girdle and a corset as well.I believe every man should wear a firm girdle and bra! I wish more wives would impose this on the men in their lives.

HappilyMarriedGuy: <br />
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A corset sounds like a great idea. I own several, so no reason hubby should not have the pleasure of wearing one. I am sure it will improve his figure and posture. I lean to leather ones, but have one traditional corset also. How about you?

great project do it i wish to be in your project .so lovely

I am sure your husband will enjoy shopping with you. <br />
<br />
I think you should get a corset for him, I have one and I really enjoy it.... when I wear it I feel it constrict me and I can't forget that I am wearing it and it makes me feel so sexy.