This Double Standard Annoys Me The Most.

Nothing irritates me more than sexist women, especially since there seems to be more sexist women than there are men. I have honestly met many, many more sexist women than I have men and it just amazes me how people can think only men are sexist when when women are just as sexist as men, if not more so.

I remember one particular girl I used to know that thought it was funny to kick guys in the balls. She'd do it for literally no reason and she never got in trouble for it, yet I'm sure if a guy went around punching women in the boobs he'd be shunned by society. In fact, she tried it on me once and I pulled her leg out from under her, but sure enough I was the one to get in trouble even though all I did was make her fall on her butt.

Am I seriously the only one that finds it a bit messed up that a girl can go around kicking guys in the balls for no reason without getting in trouble, yet a man will get in trouble for defending himself against a woman?

Likewise women insult men all the time and no-one seems to consider it sexist. "Men only think about sex", "men are such jerks", and "men are dumber than women" are all examples of things women commonly say that are sexist. If I were to do the reverse and say something like "women are dumber than men" I'd be labeled a sexist, even though a woman would get away with the exact same thing.

Honestly this just irritates me to no end sometimes. Double standards are bad, but this one is by far the worst.
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It's really funny how some people think breasts are the equivalent of testicles. They're not. Anyway, good post.

You are right on the mark. Feminism is sexism. Feminists say they are for equality. If they were they would be trying to clean up the mess you describe. They are doing NOTHING to try to clean up that mess,. They are the ones making that mess.<br />
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Keep on speaking out. Your example cited is a powerful one. <br />
<br />
The movies probably gave her the idea to kick men in the groin. Feminist misandry taught her that men in general deserve it.<br />
<br />
Just between you and me for the matter of assertions that women are smarter than men, see<br />
If that isn't up, see