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You Think You've Got It Bad

Truth of the matter is, today's women, primarily in the US, really don't have much to complain about in general. I mean, the days of women being seen as second-class citizens are just over, plain and simple. Think about it, women can become anything they want to; there are more women CEO's than male ones actually, we've got women in government and the military and in our colleges in huge numbers, and that's barely scratching the surface.
Now, contrast that with the state of Native American culture here; they are surely seen as second-class citizens, last time I checked there were no Indian CEO's, no Natives in Congress or the White House cabinet; they do serve in the military(though I don't know why they would), and many Indians don't finish high school, let alone college.
So compared with the First Americans, women in this country, and society in general, love to talk of all the injustices that have been heaped upon them, when actually they have it better than many others. Isn't this a form of sexism?
DIYman DIYman 22-25, M 2 Responses Oct 1, 2012

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Large corporations with female CEO's invariably lose money. In one study done in the UK, 100% of large corporations with a female majority Board of Directors lost money in a year when over 90% of male operated corporations made money. Females also mostly refuse to do the hard work that it takes to become CEO and want the job handed to them because they are "special."

As for the indigenous people, call them whatever, the only problems they have is their own problems. There is no systematic discrimination against them except the "benefits" and all the special "rights" that they now have. Again, if they stop whining and do the work they can become anything they want. Its long overdue to end the "special" treatment, convert reservations into regular land holding corporations, and declare them regular citizens with no special privileges.

As for the indigenous thing, there is discrimination, as well as prejudice and downright violence. It's time we stopped ignoring the evils of this society, and had the courage to confront our imperfections and make right the many things that need to be made right.

How dare you! You misogynist! Just joking :) This site might be the only place where you can safely share your viewpoint without getting swarmed on by feminists and their mangina defenders.

I know, right?:) I was another similar site called Answerbag for a while, and anything you said that showed some of the female faults had you branded as a woman hater, or flagged or both. Thanks for the feedback; I sasn't sure how this'd be recieved.

Just wait. The feminist will be around sooner or latter.

lol you may be right, but I'm liking the feedback so far:)