I hate women that believe men are responsible for the world's problems, for their problems... For everything, basically. Everything that's wrong in their lives and in the world is because of men.

My mom's aunt (or whatever she is to my mom) won't even talk to a man. If she calls and my dad answers, she hangs up.

... And this is okay, apparently. But if a man did this... look out. 

Egh. These kind of women make me sick.

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You should have written your own story... But good comment...

Do you think I'm a guy? Because.... I'm not.

Ah so confusing, all of it...


She's not my mom's aunt... I don't know what she is. I think she's my grandmother's cousin or something but I refer to her as my mom's aunt because that's easier.

If she's your mom's aunt, she would be your great-aunt.

She's not my aunt... Some sort of relative on my mom's side. I know a few people like her that are my age, even. You're right, it is absurd.

Yes, this is outrageous.<br />
There are plenty of people to mess you up.<br />
Why limit it to one type of person?

Your aunt is a pretty extreme case. I had never met women like this until I was older and I find it absurd. I usually tell them that and they think I am naive.

That sucks... There's no need to be this way.

lol it may not be fair but it is so ignorant they just make them selves look stupid so i don't see why i should get upset. If someone wants to look stupid then it is cool with me.

I just hate dealing with them. Like, I'm supposed to be understanding and agree. Plus it's not fair to you guys... Haha... Well, some women can get pretty big and manly. :P

They don't bother me any... i mean come on what are they gonna do beat me up? lol a women beating me up! no wai's!