I've gone through periods in my life when, after a relationship ended badly, I'd say "I hate men!"  or "All men are dogs!"...

But when my emotions settle and I return to a somewhat normal state of thought, I know that all men are different, just as all women are different.  Just because I've been hurt by some doesn't mean that they're all out out to hurt me.

I LOVE men, and I know that there are still great guys out there!

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Well said

I agree! I think we all go through moments of bitterness, but it shouldn't last. There are a lot of good people out there of either gender.

Thanks, AngelEyes! :-)<br />
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I feel warm & fuzzy all over now. Oh... I am!

LOL koalaguy. You're one of the good ones. :-D

Ruff! I mean, hear hear! *pant* *pant*