Really interesting article, unfortunately doesn't cite the sources it quotes. Apparently a recent survey found 39% of domestic abuse victims to be men - they mostly go unreported because of not wanting to appear a victim, or not wanting to lose contact with children (or leave them wi a violent partner). The statistic I've always heard is the 5% one that is rubbished in the article.

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Dewduster, I'd have thought the crisis centre point was accounted for in the article. Abused men either don't want to look weak by complaining about it, think it doesn't count, or just don't realise that there are shelters like that available to them. Are there? If so they're not exactly well pubicised...

This is really messed up, ladies. Every situation is different, and I've known families where the man was the submissive one. Is it so hard to believe that some women are just as aggressive and abusive as men? <br />
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I'm a woman, and I have known all kinds of abusive people. I don't think it matters which happens more often - every individual who is abused or mistreated deserves sympathy. Whether they "could" defend themselves or not doesn't matter - it still hurts. <br />
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There are situations where the abuse is mutual, and in that case both are at fault and need therapy at the very least.

I'm really surprised by the number of people who seem to be offended by the suggestion that men suffer domestic abuse... Clearly, believing men to be anything other than universally violent oppressors is heresy.

I'm not saying that the women are fighting back exactly. More that abuse is a pattern learned by being abused, and so that most women (and probably most men, I don't know) who are abusers either are, or have, been, abused.

Phage, are you saying some of these women are fighting back. Oh those poor men. <br />
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I used to teach women's self defense and I would tell women who hand a male abuser to bite the man's **** off if they were forced to suck it. The guy would bleed to death! Ha! Of course some had false teeth so I suggested they carry a razor hidden in the hair...DD

The way I understand it, a fair percent of women who are physically abused are also abusers, either to the man who abused them or to later men who they're with. The same is probably true for men, though being as there are more male abusers than female ones it's probably less likely the source of the problem in their case.

My girlfriend of a number of years worked at the Rape Crises Center and she also saw a lot of domestic abuse. I don’t recall any men being severely beaten. Mmmm were did they get there information?…DD

Women... win? Riiight - I don't think it's a contest. The point of the article wasn't that men suffer more abuse than women, it was that it's a much bigger issue than most people are aware of.


39%..............................That leaves..61% of women<br />
<br />
in domestic abuse!