This Bothers Me

I really dislike it when women sit around and badmouth all men, saying they are all shallow or none of them are faithful. It's not fair to generalize. Perhaps you've had the same experiences with every man in your life, but maybe it's because you tend to repeat patterns in your relationships with men, NOT because all men are the same and are out to get you. Don't be sexist. It's just as bad as when some men generalize all women as being materialistic and neurotic. Neither stereotype is always true.

SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
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3 Responses Apr 11, 2010

Well, as a man I agree, but there is an explanation in my mind for women who do this. There was a study of thousands of men and women in a large metropolitan area in the US. When looking at their dating habits, the study found that 80% of the women dated only 20% of the men. This is just like high school, a few guys, the 'bad boys', get most of the action. Now I don't know why so many women are so attracted to bad boys, but they are--we have to face it, and that this is true for many women no matter what the age. I guess it's the allure of his imaginary power, and a fantasy that they can 'change' him so he'll focus all that power on them. So, from these women's perspectives, yes 'all' guys are unfaithful and only out for themselves. They never stop to examine their own choices, just as we all must.

you are alright...not all men are unfaithfull and not all woman are faithfull.... do I make a confession? lol :0

Well said spirit ... I agree with you.